Game Hosting Platform Guild Launch Acquires WowStead Guild Hosting Service

Guild Launch, a company delivering website hosting to video game communities and fan sites for over 400 video games, has acquired its top competitor WowStead guild game hosting service. With this acquisition Guild Launch strengthens its position as one of the largest guild game hosting services in the world.

As part of the Curse Inc. network, WowStead is a large guild hosting service specializing in the World of Warcraft gaming series. The acquisition of WowStead would increase Guild Launch’s market share with more than 60%.

Feature Rich Gaming Platform

WowStead is a guild hosting service specializing in the World of Warcraft gaming series

To provide a seamless relocation of service, Guild Launch will automatically transfer all WowStead essential guild data into their database to allow users to retain history, images and other essential artifacts for their communities. In addition, Guild Launch is crediting user accounts with all existing paid credits remaining at WowStead. Lastly, former WowStead users will experience continuous service of their Ventrilo voice servers, a critical piece of technology for modern gamers.

Guild Launch  is the company behind flagship game hosting service and publishing platform GameSkinny, based in Richmond, Virginia. Guild Launch delivers site hosting and support services to video game communities and fan sites and has three million registered gamers. The gaming platform provides feature-rich guild hosting and social networking to customers playing the most popular video games. Its feature set also includes web forums, raid tracking and DKP, event calendars, recruitment tools and roster imports.

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