Gaming Services Company Fragnet Selects INAP To Deliver Bare Metal Servers

Fragnet, a provider of online gaming services including game servers, dedicated gaming servers and voice over IP communication software, has selected INAP’s New York, Dallas, Chicago and Amsterdam data centers as hosting sites for its cloud-based services.

Headquartered in Sweden, Fragnet’s network infrastructure spans 30 data centers worldwide. It has partnered with INAP for their expertise in supporting scalable managed bare metal hosting solutions. Additionally, INAP’s “high-performance” network solutions and worldwide reach would assure Fragnet’s customers experience ultra-low latency and high availability – critical requirements for online gaming partners.

“We are very pleased to begin a partnership with Fragnet, a growing global gaming services company that is transforming the gaming experience,” said Andrew Day, Chief Operating Officer, INAP. “Companies in this sector continually recognize that INAP’s high-performance bare metal and network services can provide them with the scalability and performance required to ensure the best user experience.”

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Fragnet Games

Low Latency Global Network

INAP Bare Metal is a “high-performance,” single-tenant hosting solution built on the latest “enterprise-grade” hardware. Each custom-configured or on-demand solution includes INAP Performance IP. This route-optimized IP service would automatically direct Fragnet’s outbound traffic along the lowest-latency path. Globally, Performance IP would make approximately 500 million route optimizations every day.

As a provider of data center and cloud solutions, INAP – has over 100 network Points of Presence (PoPs) worldwide. The listed company (NASDAQ: INAP) operates in 21 metropolitan markets, primarily in North America, with data centers connected by a “low-latency, high-capacity” fiber network.