Gannett | USA TODAY: Network Mobile Application Testing at Scale

On this episode of This Is My Architecture, Greg from Gannett | USA TODAY Network explains how they test over 100 mobile applications using AWS Device Farm. Learn more at – Gannett | USA TODAY Network serves 109 news markets around the US, and deploys updates to the associated 100+ mobile applications multiple times a day. At this scale, performing functional tests and visual QA to make sure that your mobile applications look right on all device types and screen resolutions can be a challenge. They address this by using AWS Device Farm, Jenkins on EC2, Artifactory, and Applitools to test at scale and automate much of the workflow.

Host: Matt Yanchyshyn, Director Solutions Architecture
Speakers: Greg Sypolt, Test Automation Architect

Duration: 6:18
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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