Raises $16M Series A to Combat Cloud Development Waste, a Kubernetes and cloud end-to-end development and testing platform, has raised $16 million in a Series A round headed by 468 Capital and Sorenson Ventures, with participation from current investors Crowberry Capital, Fly Ventures, and others., a graph-based platform that automates builds, deployments, and testing for every stage of the delivery cycle, was founded in 2018 to help organizations deliver quicker to the cloud. The company aspires to bring the industry closer to a world of zero-waste software development, in which every developer may focus on the issues that will have the greatest impact on their organization.

Today, cloud developers spend just 11% of their time actually developing code, with 14-16 hours per week spent managing internal tooling, configuring development environments, troubleshooting pipelines, and waiting for builds or test results, according to Rather than creating new goods and services to serve the firm, enhancing the speed and delivery of existing products and services, or increasing security, developers are stuck battling Kubernetes, wasting over $110 billion each year, the company added. is responding with a new type of DevOps solution that is specifically suited for current cloud native development.

“Cloud developer teams are struggling with productivity today, simply because our toolchain for development and testing dates back to the pre-cloud era,” said Jon Edvald, Founder and CEO of “By capturing the relationships between the components of our users’ systems, enables them to build, deploy, test and rapidly iterate in production-like environments at every phase of the development lifecycle – dramatically improving productivity, simplifying configuration and delivering top-notch automation out of the box. With this latest fundraise, we plan to build out our platform further, improving developer productivity and making the power of modern cloud systems more accessible to the average developer. We’re thrilled to welcome 468 Capital and Sorenson Ventures to our team.”

Zero-Waste Software Development

Photo Jon Edvald, Founder and CEO of
“Cloud developer teams are struggling with productivity today, simply because our toolchain for development and testing dates back to the pre-cloud era,” said Jon Edvald, Founder and CEO of

A new sort of DevOps tool, specifically developed for current cloud-native development, is desperately needed by engineering teams, stated Tooling and platform teams would gain a robust batteries-included framework for DevOps automation with Their cloud developers have access to realistic remote development environments on demand, can iterate quickly while writing, and can run tests effectively from anywhere. can particularly be useful because it works from developers’ laptops as well as during CI/CD, reducing a significant amount of friction in the delivery process.

Through Terraform and Pulumi integrations, primarily focuses on Kubernetes, containers, and other cloud infrastructure. The team will expand support to encompass serverless platforms, integrations with DevSecOps solutions, and software supply chain management with this Series A investment. intends to increase its size in the United States and Europe by the end of 2022.

“Having experienced first-hand the challenges cloud developers face, and witnessed countless companies struggling with DevOps, we quickly saw the potential in’s unique approach to the problem,” said Florian Leibert, general partner at 468 Capital and formerly founder of Mesosphere. “We’re thrilled to be supporting Jon and his team. We believe in their vision and believe they can truly challenge the status quo.”