Gary Flynn of netGiant on UKFast

Hosting its websites on a hybrid solution with UKFast, NetGiant has the luxury of a highly available solution with in-built redundancy, dual SQL servers and dual load balancers. Using combined dedicated and cloud servers, the infrastructure ensures NetGiant’s busy e-commerce sites are always online.

Glen Dale, IT development manager at NetGiant, said: “Previous to working with UKFast, we had a hosting solution with a software provider of ours. It was very bog-standard; it didn’t give us much flexibility and it wasn’t very reliable.

“When looking to switch providers, we had three criteria. Firstly, we needed a robust solution that would ensure our websites are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We needed a superior level of customer service, and lastly, we needed a team with extremely deep technical expertise. UKFast was the only company to fit the bill.”

Since migrating to UKFast, NetGiant has seen a transformation in its relationship with its hosting provider.

Glen said: “UKFast is always available, and is very attentive; we work together to seek out solutions to our problems. The team is really friendly, which always helps with communication. It’s a very positive, professional relationship.”

Previously, NetGiant’s websites would suffer from bottle necks in page load speeds during peak times. However, through the use of load balancers in-built to its hybrid solution, it no longer experiences the headaches high traffic can bring with it.

Gary said: “We appreciate, from a customer perspective, that speed is everything when it comes to the internet. Users are not prepared to wait a long time for a page to load, so when we were suffering from bottle necks it was far from ideal. And when we spoke to our hosting company, they weren’t responsive at all.

“When we moved to UKFast, we noticed a big difference. Certainly, there are no bottle necks anymore, and as an added bonus we have a team that supports us through technical issues and reassures us everything will be okay.”

As NetGiant moves forward with the launch of a new website and a five-year plan that predicts phenomenal growth, it does so with the support of flexible, robust cloud hosting.

“There are so many opportunities in the market, it’s frightening,” Gary said. “Our experience with UKFast has been excellent, and it continues to impress me. The future is going to be very exciting for NetGiant, and we have every confidence we’ll succeed with UKFast by our side.”

Duration: 2:14
Publisher: UKFast
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