Gary Flynn on netGiant

The humble printer has been a staple part of our offices and homes for decades. Despite a huge shift to digital, we still rely on printers on a daily basis to obtain hard copies of our documents, photos and correspondence.

But none of this can be done without high quality ink cartridges and toner. NetGiant, a parent company of and Cartridge, has been on hand, solving printing woes for over a decade.

Gary Flynn, founder of all three firms, explained the company’s growth from a garage-based start-up to industry leader.

“NetGiant is a big family of brands, that’s managed to become successful in what is usually a very sterile market,” Gary said. “When my wife and I started Cartridge Monkey in 2003, it was a typical internet start-up, running from our dining room and garage. But with clever branding and by persevering, we saw significant growth and within three years were able to launch TonerGiant. That was a turning point for our business, and as we stand here today, TonerGiant represents the biggest, fastest growing and most exciting aspect of our business.”

Duration: 2:11
Publisher: UKFast
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