Genius Division on UKFast

Being a group with skills in the creative world, Genius Division needed guidance when it came to the technical aspects of setting up a new server. Luckily for them, UKFast’s support team are always on hand.
“The level of support and quality of customer service is definitely what drew us in to UKFast,” said Craig. “We don’t have much technical knowledge, but when we got in touch we explained what we needed and UKFast helped us through the entire process.
“It’s become a really personal relationship that works really well, because our account manager has got so much knowledge that whenever we ask a question, we get the answer we need.
“It’s great for us to be able to say to our clients that we’ve got a dedicated server based in the UK — even better, based in Manchester just up the road — that gives us much more powerful hosting than we ever had before, with customer support on hand 24/7.”
Genius Division continues to build heavy-load websites for its clients, as well as apps that require the support of a robust solution. The difference using a dedicated server has brought to its offering is something it will be forever grateful for.
“Our websites are so much faster now. With a shared server, they were taking a couple of seconds to load, and now it’s taking half that, even when they’re getting over a million hits a month,” said Craig. “We notice the difference, and clients notice too.
“We keep throwing stuff at that server and it never, ever fails! It just carries on doing what it’s supposed to do; it’s brilliant.
“You can buy a server from anyone, but UKFast’s technology is top level. UKFast treat us right, make us feel wanted and help us like no other firm has before.”

Duration: 00:03:38
Publisher: UKFast
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