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For the past four years, RackConnect has been the marquee solution for Rackspace customers who require the flexibility and elasticity of the cloud, as well as the enhanced security and predictable performance of traditional hosting. On Thursday the 23rd, we’re launching version 3 of RackConnect! This latest version of RackConnect delivers the same level of versatility while addressing the needs of our fastest growing and most security conscious customers by focusing on three categories of improvements: security, scalability and sophistication.
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Join our Office Hours Hangout Hosts +Alan Bush, +Drew Cox, as they chat with some of the creators of RackConnect 3.0 and answer your questions on this newest iteration.

RackConnect 3.0
Rackspace Office Hours G+ Hangout

Chris Kuehl – Product Manager/Principal Architect

What is RackConnect?/What is New With RackConnect 3.0? (3:37)
How is RackConnect 3.0 More Secure? (10:30)
What Can Our Customers Do With the RackConnect API? (20:16)
How does RackConnect 3.0 Improve On Scalability? (22:40)
What Do You Mean By RackConnect 3.0 Is More Sophisticated? (27:38)
Audience Q&A (31:18)
RackConnect Common Use Cases (35:55)
Audience Q&A (40:32)
RackConnect 3.0 Timeline (44:24)
Large Scale/Flexible Operations with Public & Private Cloud (47:10)
Who will benefit from RackConnect?/Getting Started (50:52)
Final Thoughts (53:36)

RackConnect v3: Security, Scalability, Sophistication

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