Get started with AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN FUOTA | Amazon Web Services

Learn how to get started with AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN – Firmware Update Over The AIR (FUOTA).

00:00 Introduction and background
01:57 FUOTA demonstration
02:46 Create a device
03:46 Create a multicast group
05:29 Create a FUOTA task
06:23 Add devices to the FUOTA task
06:34 Schedule the FUOTA task
07:43 Fragmentation session (file transfer) begins
08:22 Fragmentation session (file trasnfer) ends
08:41 Reboot device and start new firmware
09:05 Complete FUOTA task

Developer Guide:

AWS re:Post –

LoRa Alliance Specifications:

FUOTA Process Summary Technical Recommendation TR002 v1.0.0

LoRaWAN® Application Layer Clock Synchronization Specification v1.0.0

LoRaWAN® Fragmented Data Block Transport Specification v1.0.0

LoRaWAN® Remote Multicast Setup Specification v1.0.0

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