Get Up & Running with K0s – A Lightweight Kubernetes Distro | Mirantis Labs – Tech Talks

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k0s drastically reduces the complexity of installing and running a CNCF-certified Kubernetes distribution. With k0s, new clusters can be bootstrapped in minutes and developer friction is reduced to zero.

At the end of this talk, participants will be left with an in-depth understanding of what k0s the lightweight Kubernetes Distro is, and its benefits. Also, you will be able to understand the use-cases for k0s, and learn how to deploy and access the k0s cluster.

0:00 – Introduction & agenda
1:27 – What is k0s & why should I care?
11:12 – Get started: minimum system requirements for k0s
12:05 – Demo: manual installation of k0s
21:33 – Demo: automated deployment with k0s Scale
26:58 – Live Q&A: does k0s require a license to use?
27:18 – Live Q&A: how is k0s CTL similar to Kube Admin?
28:57 – Live Q&A: what is actually being deployed with k0s?
30:19 – Demo: deploying an application on a k0s cluster
33:04 – Environment options for k0s
34:32 – Get started with k0s via the Docker Desktop Lens extension
37:08 – A look ahead at next week’s talk

Duration: 00:38:25
Publisher: Mirantis
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