Getting started with Cloud Code

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What is Cloud Code, and how can you use it to easily develop cloud native applications? In this video, we give you an overview on Cloud Code, and how it can improve existing workflows, assist in YAML authoring, and make the development of cloud native applications seamless. Watch to learn how you can utilize Cloud Code in your developer project!

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0:00 – Intro
01:01 – UI overview
02:02 – Kubernetes
02:24 – Run on Kubernetes cluster
02:46 – Debug Kubernetes
03:19 – Kubernetes explorer
03:48 – Open terminal for pod
04:02 – Cloud Run
04:12 – Cloud Run explorer
04:19 – Deploy to Cloud Run and view logs
04:30 – Local testing with Cloud Run emulator
04:40 – Cloud APIs
05:02 – YAML authoring assistance
05:25 – Kubernetes YAML snippets
05:38 – YAML suggestions, autocomplete, error catching, inline documentation

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Product: Cloud Code; fullname: Abby Carey;

Duration: 00:06:21
Publisher: Google Cloud
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