Getting Started with Cloud Orchestration

If you’re a DevOps Engineer, application developer or just a cloud power user, Rackspace’s new Cloud Orchestration service enables you to automate the deployment and management of your resources on the Rackspace Cloud. Hosts +Alan Bush and +Drew Cox will be joined by Rackers Arun Rajan (Product Manager), Randall Burt (Developer) and +Joseph Palumbo to discuss how Rackspace’s new orchestration service can help any user gain the automation and efficiency the cloud was designed to deliver.

Getting Started with Cloud Orchestration
Rackspace Google Hangout 10-9-2014

Alan Bush
Drew Cox
Joseph Palumbo
Arun Rajan
Randall Burt

What is Cloud Orchestration? (4:55)
What does Cloud Orchestration Solve For?/Customer Use Cases (10:32)
How is Cloud Orchestration Different From Cloud Deployments? (23:25)
Explanation of Templates/Custom Templates (36:45)
Migrating Orchestration (41:56)
Audience Q&A (46:06)
How is Cloud Orchestration Supported? (51:48)
Where to Start?/Cloud Orchestration (Stacks) Control Panel Demo (53:27)
Final Thoughts (57:50)

Rackspace G+ Hangout Drinking Game Rule #1 TEST! (22:59)

Rackspace Orchestration Templates

Cloud Orchestration: A Symphony of Automation and Efficiency

Duration: 1:11
Publisher: Rackspace
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