Getting Started with Container Orchestration – Webinar by RedHat engineer Václav Pavlín

Containers are great, but container technologies solve only part of the problem. Once you get container images, you need to run them, orchestrate them, scale them, make sure they don’t fail randomly etc. This is a task for orchestration tools – and there are a couple of them. Luckily, they share basic concepts. Sadly, containerisation and specifically making your app ready for a scalable environment might require you to change your app. You’ll learn about these concepts and how orchestration of containerized applications work in this presentation.

Speaker: Václav Pavlín (

About Speaker:
Václav is a Red Hatter for last 5 years, working with containers for last 4 years. He is currently part of Developer Tools team where they build an online platform for developers (

Duration: 47:29
Publisher: DigitalOcean
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