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Learn why so many React developers are switching to using Next.js, an open source framework that helps you build production-grade React applications that scale. This Tech Talk is designed for React developers that are looking to streamline your workflow.

About the Presenter
Chris Sev is a Senior Developer Advocate at DigitalOcean and the founder of He builds fullstack apps with JavaScript and puts a focus on building businesses. Tweet Chris at @chris__sev:

0:00 Introduction
3:00 Create-next-app
6:50 File system routing
9:09 Code splitting and bundling
10:57 Image optimization
18:39 API routes
25:05 Static site generation
31:21 Fetching data
34:24 getStaticProps()
38:37 Deploying
40:47 Using React with Next.js
43:03 Do all packages work with Next.js?
43:53 Image Optimization for images on an external website
45:50 SSG (Static Site Generation) & SSR (Server-Side Rendering)
46:34 Image Optimization for mobile to desktop optimization
47:18 Recap: what Next.js does for us
48:55 Q&A



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Duration: 00:56:09
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