Getting Started With Svelte

Want to see what all the fuss is over Svelte? See how Svelte helps you write less code, brings reactivity to JavaScript, and compiles your code to tiny, framework-less vanilla JS so that your app starts fast and stays fast.

What You’ll Learn
– How to use Svelte
– Why Svelte is different than React or Vue
– Why Svelte is easy to write

00:00 Welcome
01:25 Svelte vs. React vs. Vue
02:33 Svelte components
04:18 REPL
04:35 CodeSandbox
06:42 Basic Svelte components: script tag, style tag, template
07:08 Building a sample app
07:55 Event handling: state, reactivity, updating view
13:22 Building out multiple components
18:35 Templating: hide/show
21:31 Logical AND (&&) operator (JavaScript)
22:53 Templating: array, loops
28:00 Connecting to APIs
29:35 SvelteKit for building larger Svelte applications
30:30 Two way binding
35:15 Lifecycle: onMount handler
37:41 Svelte syntax similar to Vue?
38:12 Rendering a list
43:05 Event modifier: preventDefault
46:08 Working with multiple components
47:00 Props: passing data from parent to child component
50:28 EventDispatcher: updating parent info from child component
55:50 Tradeoffs: onMount & EventDispatcher
56:23 Writing less with React
59:35 Event forwarding


Presented By
Chris Sev, Senior Developer Advocate, DigitalOcean [Twitter: @chris__sev]

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