Getting the Most Out of Open Source, With DEV/Forem's Nick Taylor

Nick Taylor from Forem/DEV shares best practices, tips, and tools about how contributors and maintainers of all levels can have happy, productive, and meaningful interactions with the open source community.

Contributing to open source should be fun and rewarding! Whether you are a beginner or seasoned open source enthusiast, you’ll come away from this talk refreshed and ready to contribute to or maintain an open source project.

00:00 Introduction
02:25 Tips for contributors
07:55 Tips for maintainers
16:58 First-time contributors
19:09 Making a great issue
20:42 Making a great pull request (PR)
23:02 Learning in public
23:38 Resources
25:05 Q&A

Resources + slides:

About the Presenter
Nick Taylor is a Senior Software Developer at Forem/DEV working on all things Forem. When he’s not programming, he enjoys working out, snowboarding, and a long long time ago, rugby. He is not a big fan of spiders.

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Duration: 00:26:48
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