GigeNET Bundles CloudLinux OS with Their Dedicated Servers

GigeNET, a U.S. managed hosting provider offering dedicated servers, cloud, hybrid, and colocation solutions, has partnered with shared hosting operating system developer, CloudLinux. As a part of the partnership, GigeNET will bundle CloudLinux OS with their dedicated servers.

dedicated-servers-gigenetCloudLinux was founded in 2009 to address the distinctive needs of web hosting providers. The company’s headquarters are in Princeton, New Jersey, and its development team is based in Donetsk, Ukraine.

GigeNET clients who operate a shared web hosting environment, use cPanel, (or any other control panel) to host multiple websites will now have the option to add the CloudLinux OS. Shared web hosts that use CloudLinux on their dedicated servers would experience less downtime, more stability and happier customers.

CloudLinux will allow GigaNet’s customers access to enhanced features. These features include:

  • Isolating users from each other to avoid the “bad neighbor effect.
  • Preventing users from seeing configuration files and other private information.
  • Allowing end-user to select PHP versions 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, and 5.5.
  • Giving the power to monitor and control limits, such as CPU, IO, Memory, and others.
  • Helping to restrict and throttle MySQL database abusers.
  • Compatibility with all major control panels.
  • Interchangeable with CentOS and RHEL.

“Our partnership with CloudLinux is another milestone in our effort to provide our clients with the latest software and cutting-edge technology,” said GigeNET President, Ameen Pishdadi. “With the increase in hackers and abusive users, CloudLinux is an excellent solution to the ongoing effort to mitigate security breaches and server attacks.”