GigeNET Introduces Dedicated Servers With Automated DDoS Protection

Managed hosting provider GigeNET, a company headquartered just outside of Chicago, has introduced dedicated servers with Automated DDoS Protection and Monitoring. The latest dedicated server offering further extends GigeNET’s DDoS protection suite.

The dedicated server plans with Automated DDoS Protection and Monitoring further extend GigeNET’s DDoS protection suite

Automated DDoS Protection enables GigeNET to provide DDoS monitoring and mitigation on dedicated servers for new and existing clients. Setting up this service would take just minutes, and there is no need to change an IP address.

The introduction of GigeNET’s Automated DDoS Protection and Monitoring further extends GigeNET’s DDoS protection suite, which also includes GigeNET’s DDoS Protection ProxyShield – its enterprise-grade reverse proxy protection.

Dark fiber ring

“As DDoS attacks become more prolific and costly, businesses can’t afford to wait for an attack to happen,” said Ameen Pishdadi, President and CTO of GigeNET. “We developed this solution to allow our clients to get a better night’s sleep knowing their dedicated servers are being monitored, and mitigation is automatically activated if an attack occurs.”

In preparation for this solution, and to position GigeNET to handle the anticipated greater demands for bandwidth and the larger DDoS attacks predicted, GigeNET has recently completed the initial build-out and installation of its own dark fiber ring. Using dark fiber would allow GigeNET to increase its data center capacity by almost 100 times while strengthening its reliability and security.

About GigeNET

GigeNET is a full-service managed hosting provider offering dedicated servers, colocation, cloud and hybrid hosting, as well as state-of-the-art DDoS protection. GigeNET is headquartered just outside of Chicago, Illinois where it owns and operates a 17,000 sq. ft. enterprise-grade private data center. GigeNET also offers their wide range of services in their newly expanded Los Angeles, CA data center with plans to open an East Coast location shortly.