GitLab, DigitalOcean Announce Partnership to Make it Easier for Teams Building and Scaling Distributed Applications in the Cloud

GitLab, the open source code collaboration tool that allows developers to code, test and deploy together, has announced a partnership with cloud hosting infrastructure provider, DigitalOcean. Together, GitLab and DigitalOcean want to help developers eliminate the scaling challenges that come with Continuous Integration (CI), such as, speed, security and cost.

Today’s developers are not equipped with the number of provisioned servers they need to work simultaneously, merge their code, and test it, in a timely manner before deployment, according to GitLab.

GitLab aims to solve the inevitable issues arising from the new emphasis on agile and collaborative development processes as well as the continued growth in code bases. GitLab’s partnership with DigitalOcean provides free runners to all projects on to make ‘Continuous Integration’ faster, safer and more affordable than ever.

cloud digitalocean“Together with DigitalOcean, we’ve taken the hurdles of expensive and slow build processes head on – changing the way developers approach the build process,” said Sid Sijbrandij, CEO and co-founder at GitLab. “Complementing our collaborative platform, DigitalOcean is uniquely suited to help us solve these problems as it can spin up new provisioned servers in under a minute, which is an industry record. Developers can have the needed resources simply and immediately for testing and launching their code.”

To support developer’s needs, GitLab has also introduced a new autoscaling feature to its existing GitLab Runner. GitLab Runner is a hosted application that processes builds. The new GitLab Runner AutoScale feature enables developers to automatically spin up new instances (and wind them down) as they are needed. This dynamic availability would make it faster, safer and more affordable for developers to run all their builds in parallel.

Cloud Hosting Infrastucture

While instances can be hosted at any major cloud provider, DigitalOcean would provide one of the best user experiences to support this autoscaling feature.

“We want to make it easier for teams building and scaling distributed applications in the cloud,” said Ben Uretsky, CEO and co-founder at DigitalOcean. “This partnership with GitLab enhances the open-source, collaborative approach to development.”

This news comes on the heels of significant growth and traction for GitLab, Inc. among enterprise developers. More than 1100 enterprise teams now rely on GitLab Enterprise Edition while the Community Edition has been downloaded more than 2.5 million times.