GKE Features You Might Not Know About (Cloud Next '19)

These days, it seems like everyone has a distribution of Kubernetes, but not every distribution is created equal. GKE, the original managed Kubernetes, has changed a lot since the 1.0 release years ago. Major improvements in networking, security, reliability, maintenance, and more can only be found in GKE. Whether you’ve been using GKE from the start or are brand new to containers, come hear about the cool things the GKE team has been working on and learn about powerful GKE features you might not have known about.

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Speaker(s): Sandeep Dinesh, Brad Dietrich

Session ID: HYB210
product:GCP Marketplace (Kubernetes Applications),Kubernetes Engine; fullname:Sandeep Dinesh;

Duration: 30:23
Publisher: Google Cloud
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