GKE Sandbox for Multi-Tenancy and Security (Cloud Next '19)

In this presentation, we’ll introduce GKE Sandbox, a new way to add Defense in depth to your containers on Google Kubernetes Engine. Containers are a great way to deploy applications but securing them is still hard. How do you run code that users have uploaded without exposing your entire infrastructure? How can you be sure third-party applications are safe when you can’t read the source code? This talk will explore how to run trusted and untrusted workloads securely on Kubernetes. In addition to the technical highlights, we will present key use cases and solutions to harden the security of your containers using GKE Sandbox.

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Speaker(s): Ian Lewis, Yoshi Tamura, Tim Kelton

Session ID: HYB216
product:Cloud Healthcare,Cloud Healthcare Service,Cloud ML Engine,APIs,TensorFlow,Cloud; fullname:Kurtis Ericson;

Duration: 49:38
Publisher: Google Cloud
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