GKE Usage Metering: Whose Line Item Is It Anyway? (Cloud Next '19)

Enterprises and resellers using GKE clusters in a multi-tenant environment need to understand the resource consumption on a per-tenant basis. GKE usage metering provides a flexible mechanism to dissect and group GKE cluster usage based on labels and namespaces. If you’ve ever wondered how your tenants are using your GKE cluster, or are curious about multi-tenancy visibility, join us in this session. We will demo one popular use case — estimating cost breakdown for departments/teams that are sharing a cluster.

Understanding Cluster Resource Usage → http://bit.ly/2Ufu1kz
GKE Usage Metering → http://bit.ly/2TWlYDV

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Speaker(s): Yang Guan, Madhu Yennamani, David Xia

Session ID: HYB316
product:Kubernetes Engine,BigQuery,Data Studio; fullname:Yang Guan,Madhu Yennamani;

Duration: 38:7
Publisher: Google Cloud
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