Global Cloud Analytics Provider, Manthan, Migrates Its Production Stack to Amazon Redshift

Manthan, a global Cloud and Big Data analytics provider headquartered in Bangalore, India, has migrated its production stack to Amazon Redshift. By doing so, Manthan claims to have reduced its operational cost of warehouse by 60% while increasing scale and elasticity.

Manthan, began its association with Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud) several years ago, and is currently an AWS Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network. Leveraging AWS, Manthan has evolved a comprehensive cloud strategy that includes optimized data warehouses, enhanced data management and algorithms, real-time analytics and enhanced data security.

As part of its cloud strategy, Manthan has now migrated its reference cloud production stack to Amazon Redshift. Once the migration was complete, Manthan experienced a 60% reduction in operating costs while also optimizing performance and scalability in terms of data and users.

manthan_cloud_analytics“Our goal is to overcome all barriers to the advanced analytics journey of our customers,” said Atul Batra, CTO, Manthan. “With the onset of the digital analytics era, we had anticipated that the market would require reduced cost of ownership and bare minimum infrastructure cost, in order to gain analytics capabilities. We enhanced our offerings accordingly and have been early adopters of the cloud strategy for analytics solutions.”

Amazon Elastic MapReduce

Further, Manthan has optimized its products to run on Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR) to provide an edge to both data management and algorithms such as recommendation engines running on Spark.

Manthan’s entire suite of prebuilt machine learning algorithms would now be able to run not just on sampled data sets, but on large volumes of historic data in the shortest possible time span, for precise insights at an optimized cost. Manthan has also enhanced its ability to ingest real-time events with Amazon Kinesis and serve real-time dashboards on demand.

aws-cloudWith data security and privacy being a top priority for the company, Manthan has ensured all its customers have their data fortified within Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) and private sub-nets configured to strict Network Access Control Lists (ACL) and security rules. Manthan also ensures the highest level of data security through strong data encryption for data in transit and at rest.

Leveraging AWS Cloud would allow for faster, simpler, and more cost effective BI compared to traditional solutions. “Customers want quick paths to profit and we enable it for them,” added Mr. Batra.