Global Cyber Security Company Bitdefender Unveils Cloud-based Endpoint Detection

Bitdefender, a global cybersecurity technology company currently protecting 500 million users worldwide, has announced the launch of its GravityZone XDR product – a comprehensive cloud-based security solution that offers integrated endpoint detection, prevention and response capabilities from a single agent managed by a single console.

Specifically designed to offer protection against cyber threats that evade traditional defense mechanisms, Bitdefender GravityZone XDR would empower resource-strapped businesses with lean IT teams and/or that operate without a Security Operation Center (SOC). GravityZone XDR is available on both endpoints and servers as part of the GravityZone Ultra integrated suite.

Next-generation endpoint security platform

GravityZone XDR is a layered next-generation endpoint security platform providing protection against the full spectrum of known and unknown cyber threats. Like other versions of Bitdefener’s GravityZone, this new XDR cybersecurity solution would:

  • Reduce the attack surface through its firewall and patch management capabilities
  • Block advanced threats at pre-execution through tunable machine learning models
  • Detect malicious behavior through real-time process monitoring
  • Provide anti-exploit protection and sandbox analysis
  • Protect all data at rest via full disk encryption

These components work together to continuously evolve protection of the endpoint from increasingly sophisticated attackers while supporting an organization’s overall security posture.

Cyber Security Threat Analytics

In addition, Bitdefender GravityZone XDR boasts a new cloud-based ‘Threat Analytics’ module that performs Big Data event correlation, identifying incidents of significance for the security administrator to investigate. Employing an event recorder, it continuously streams insights on chains of events that look suspicious, based on telemetry, processes, network policies and registry entity actions.

Once the level of threat is identified, security administrators can perform one-click investigations in XDR to look up VirusTotal or submit samples for behavior analysis to Bitdefender‘s Sandbox Analyzer. Admins can take immediate resolution – delete, kill or quarantine – for any indicators of compromise, and also apply policy change from the same interface to evolve the future security posture of vulnerable endpoints.

“EDR as a technology holds much promise for the security industry, but existing market offerings are too complex to be deployed by most organizations,” said Harish Agastya, VP of Enterprise Solutions at Bitdefender. “That is why we have specifically designed GravityZone XDR to be EDR made easy. It provides security administrators with intuitive workflows and a contextual map to understand threat impact. With only the most relevant events being offered for incident response, threat hunting cost and effort are lowered. Having this EDR capability as part of a truly integrated security platform enables the holy grail of endpoint protection – prevent, detect, investigate, respond, and evolve.”

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