Global Data Center Solutions Provider, Rahi Systems, Brings Air@Work’s Indirect Adiabatic Cooling Technology to the U.S. Market

Rahi Systems, a global provider of data center solutions, headquartered in Fremont, California with offices in India, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Netherlands, UK, Japan and Australia, has added Air@Work’s “innovative” indirect adiabatic cooling technology to its U.S. portfolio of data center solutions.

Data center cooling infrastructure provides a significant OPEX for the majority of data center providers today. Various technologies are being deployed – from expensive refrigerant systems and chilled water systems to massive cooling towers.

Air@Work’s indirect adiabatic cooling technology would provide data center operators with significant energy savings and cost reduction in both OPEX and maintenance of cooling infrastructure. Air@Work is a European manufacturer of energy efficient air cooling solutions headquartered in the Netherlands and founded by industry experts in air handling.

rahi systemsRahi Systems is excited to announce this partnership with Air@Work,” said Paul Weber, VP of Engineering, Rahi Systems. “With our team’s talent, extensive experience in design, implementation and operation of large scale data centers, we are well positioned to bring this new technology to the U.S. Market. We feel this innovative technology is a green and cost saving solution. In addition, Air@Work has done several large implementations in Europe of retrofit and new data center builds with their patented technology.”

Patented Technology

The indirect adiabatic cooling systems are designed to be “affordable, durable and with low maintenance costs. Air@Work’s cooling solution utilizes ‘StatiqCooling – a synthetic heat exchanger for indirect adiabatic cooling. The heat exchanger is a patented technology developed by Air@Work which operates with “extremely low water consumption.”

The systems are modular starting with 20KW up to 200KW in capacity modules. This modularity would allow data center operators to accurately measure and control utilization, consumption and different cooling models specific to tenancy requirements within data centers.

gregor snip switch datacenters
“Not only did the cooling installation become 80% more energy efficient, also the reliability increased greatly,” said Gregor Snip, CEO of European colocation provider and built-to-suit data center operator, Switch Datacenters.

“Air@Work has developed the indirect adiabatic cooling technology over the past fifteen years and has implemented this technology in a variety of environments,” said Coen Binnerts, CEO of Air@Work B.V. “As we started to expand in the U.S., we were interested in a potential partner that would bring talent, operational skill sets and an extensive field network to make this successful. We have a lot of confidence that with our partnership with Rahi Systems we will be able to service our customers and help them gain value out of minimal consumption of water, granular control in maintaining temperature delta and operational simplicity.”

European data center operator, Switch Datacenters, a provider of colocation services and build-to-suit corporate data centers based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, was one of the first customers to implement the innovative indirect adiabatic cooling technology from Air@Work.

“The payback time and reliability were decisive factors,” said Gregor Snip, CEO and founder of Switch Datacenters. “Not only did the installation become 80% more energy efficient, also the reliability increased greatly because all components were designed for N+1 – therefore the cooling does not depend on a single cold water circuit. Moreover, the maintenance of the systems can be carried out by our own maintenance crew which greatly decreased operating costs.”