Global IaaS Provider Voxility Joins DE-CIX’s DirectCLOUD

Voxility, a provider of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hosting solutions delivering its services from the biggest Internet hubs in the world, has joined DE-CIX’s DirectCLOUD. This gives Voxility private access to an extensive ecosystem of cloud service providers, IaaS and network services.

Founded in 1995, DE-CIX serves 1500+ carriers, ISPs and content networks from 100+ countries, including all leading international players in various metro markets in Europe, the Middle East, India and North America. With 6+ Terabits per second of peak traffic, DE-CIX Frankfurt is one of the world’s leading Internet Exchanges.

The DE-CIX DirectCLOUD Service enables Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to access multiple Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) with one single connection. Through this functionality, CSPs are able to offer their enterprise customers a variety of cloud solutions in a “fast, simple and cost effective way.”

As a global Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider, Voxility is actively looking to grow their interconnection ecosystem, allowing more and more ISPs to access Voxility’s infrastructure directly. This would translate into improved network performance and low latency services, especially when it comes to DDoS Mitigation services. “The partnership with DE-CIX enables us to easily access high quality peering services, by connecting directly to several networks to which we were limited to connect to via traditional methods”, said Maria Sirbu, VP of Business Development – Global Operations at Voxility.

Voxility’s services are being delivered from data centers in Europe and North America. The company typically serves telcos, data centers, hosting providers and CSPs looking for custom-built infrastructure and tailored support underpinned by massive bandwidth capacity and a broad portfolio of network features.

“The DirectCLOUD platform was designed to enable DE-CIX connected customers an access to various regional and global Cloud Service Providers,” said Harald Kriener, Manager Business Development DirectCLOUD at DE-CIX. “We look forward to a growing number of partners joining our Ecosystem to benefit from low latency private connections.”

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