Global IT Infrastructure Solutions Firm Cloudwirx Acquired by UPSTACK

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Data center services, cloud, and Internet infrastructure marketplace UPSTACK has acquired Cloudwirx, a global technology infrastructure solutions firm that serves high scale enterprises. After buying telecommunications consulting firm M2 Enterprise Group last month, UPSTACK’s latest acquisition is part of a bigger plan of the company to boost the growth of its platform.

Talking about UPSTACK, this platform integrates industry’s advisors with support resources, advanced technology, and data. In the previous month, UPSTACK also announced an initial $50 million equity investment from Berkshire partners that will allow the company to grow its platform at a high pace via partner acquisitions and technology expansion.

Photo Christopher Trapp, CEO of UPSTACK
“In just six years, Cloudwirx has earned an impressive enterprise client base, including Digital 100 companies with large, complex colocation, connectivity and digital infrastructure deployments around the world,” said Christopher Trapp, CEO of UPSTACK.

Talking about Cloudwirx, it is an IT infrastructure solutions company based out in Silicon Valley. Its main purpose is to help enterprises procure, select and operate secure and high-performing facilities and digital platforms globally. Owners of Cloudwirx including COO James Caulfied, CSO Brian Fagan, and CEO Jeremy Dodds will be joining UPSTACK as partners and equity stakeholders. These people are also going to work as advisors to business customers that are sourcing cloud, network community, data center solutions, and unified communications via the UPSTACK platform.

Having a look at where the journey started, Cloudwirx was created in 2015 by three network connectivity and enterprise colocation executives. After serving for around two decades as technology providers, they were desperate to go for a vendor-neutral approach for solving the IT-related challenges of customers in a better way. In a span of six years, Cloudwirx’s principles had gained the trust of many large scale enterprise customers based in North America and with offices situated in Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

In order to maintain the pace of the success, the Cloudiwirx team started finding new ways to scale their business. The founders at Cloudwirx looked at UPSTACK as one of the best mediums to give a boost to their plans. UPSTACK is also going to help Cloudwirx in expanding its solutions portfolio and expertise.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at UPSTACK, Christopher Trapp, said that they are honored to welcome the Cloudwirx team to the UPSTACK family. He further said that in a span of six years, Cloudwirx has created an impressive enterprise client base that consists of digital 100 companies with large, complex colocation digital infrastructure deployments and connectivity around the world. Mr. Trapp concluded his statement by saying that the organization is excited to include increase the expertise and skyrocket the continued growth of Cloudwirx.


UPSTACK was rolled out in 2017 in New York and had played a major role in transforming the process in which Internet and cloud infrastructure is sourced and sold. The organization works on advanced technologies to permit an extensive team of cloud infrastructure advisors who can offer customized solutions for businesses of various sizes.

The service portfolio of UPSTACK includes network connectivity, unified communications, center, private and public cloud, data center, SD-WAN, security, IoT, and business continuity.