Global MSP Aptum Announces Enhanced Tiers for Managed Azure Cloud

Aptum, a worldwide hybrid multi-cloud managed service provider (MSP) formerly known as Cogeco Peer 1, has announced new Managed Azure Cloud service tiers. It would allow clients to simply pick a Microsoft Azure managed service level that matches their business objectives and cloud adoption goals, regardless of where they are on their cloud journey.

Aptum’s Managed Azure Cloud solution provides day-to-day operational management inside the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, including best practice guidance, setup support, and troubleshooting, as well as OS patching, anti-malware, monitoring, and backup. It would also allow organizations to complement in-house knowledge and experience, freeing up IT personnel for other tasks; decrease total costs; enhance performance and speed; and provide reliable cloud usage forecasts, all while ensuring security.

“Every customer cloud journey is unique and impacted by a number of factors including size, cloud maturity and business objectives,” said Marvin Sharp, Vice President, Product and Strategy, Aptum. “Aptum Managed Azure Cloud is designed to be a flexible partnership and our enhanced tiers reflect that. Three distinct tiers with additional add-on services allow customers to decide how much they want to engage our Azure experts as their cloud transformation progresses.”

Aptum’s Managed Azure Cloud now includes three enhanced tiers:

  • Foundation – Low-cost managed services and tools are included in this package, which is targeted for organizations with considerable internal IT resources and small skills gaps.
  • Advanced – Aptum provides proactive help to clients that have gaps in cloud expertise or available resources.
  • Premium – Created for clients that want to concentrate on their main business while outsourcing many of their IT duties, such as operating system support, so they can concentrate on non-IT responsibilities. Clients that require assistance with cloud adoption strategy, as well as hybrid or complicated settings, would be able to benefit from this service.

Managed Public Cloud Services

Photo Marvin Sharp, Vice President, Product and Strategy, Aptum
“Aptum Managed Azure Cloud is designed to be a flexible partnership and our enhanced tiers reflect that,” said Marvin Sharp, Vice President, Product and Strategy, Aptum.

Customers in all three levels get access to Aptum’s cloud transformation tools, programs, and resources, including Aptum’s Cost Insights Dashboard, 24×7 support, and consulting services. Clients may also customize their Managed Azure Cloud services to meet their unique requirements.

Public cloud infrastructure offers an array of technical and business benefits, but the reality on the ground is that increased complexity is pushing organizations to enlist service providers for help. However, the way cloud is used varies across every organization and that means service levels must be correspondingly flexible,” said Philbert Shih, Managing Director of Structure Research. “Aptum’s move to tier its managed service offerings for Azure reflects the fact that customer requirements are diverse and allows it to serve a wide cross-section of the market with exactly the kind of service and support customers are looking for.”

With worldwide reach covering North America, Latin America, Europe, and the United Kingdom, Aptum’s cloud and global network solutions, backed by skilled managed and professional services, provide choice and adaptability for its users. Aptum is a portfolio company of DigitalBridge, a global investment firm focused on strategic business opportunities in digital infrastructure.