Go Cloud Functions with Stewart Reichling and Tyler Bui-Palsulich: GCPPodcast Episode 161

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First-time host, Aja, joins Mark today to talk Go Cloud Functions with two Google colleagues! Stewart, lead Product Manager on Google Cloud Functions, and Tyler, Developer Programs Engineer at Google, start the show by explaining the purpose of Cloud Functions. It is a severless compute product that supports many programming languages, scales automatically, and only charges for what you use. It works best as event-driven computing, in other words, when something happens, you want something else to happen in response. Cloud Functions also works well between clouds or even Google Cloud services, acting as the glue between them.

Go Cloud Functions works specifically for Go. Google makes a huge effort to make Cloud Functions easy to use for all developers, so that no matter what language you’re familiar with, Cloud Functions works for you.

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Product: Cloud Functions,Go; Fullname: Mark Mandel,Melanie Warrick;

Duration: 32:16
Publisher: Google Cloud
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