GoDaddy Intensifies its Marketing in UK Web Hosting Market

web-hosting-ukWeb hosting provider GoDaddy is intensifying its marketing efforts in the UK region by Sponsoring Rugby League World Cup 2013. The event’s return to the United Kingdom begins Saturday with the Opening Ceremony and a spectacular doubleheader featuring England and Australia, followed by Wales against Italy.

RLWC2013 Competitions are held in England, Wales, Ireland and France, which gives GoDaddy the opportunity to touch a wide range of people in Europe and beyond. The live matches are also being broadcast across the UK and in France, Australia, India, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand and the Middle East as well.

GoDaddy UK commercials

“Rugby is a part of life here in the UK, a fun part of the culture,” said GoDaddy International Senior Vice President James Carroll, who is a native of Ireland. “Its fans are passionate and I can think of no better way to raise awareness with potential GoDaddy customers than to be involved with Rugby League World Cup. We want people throughout Europe to know the GoDaddy name and to understand that we are here to help small businesses leverage the power of the Internet.”

Also on TV, GoDaddy has intensified its web hosting marketing efforts in the UK market. GoDaddy commercials have recently aired on British television during popular programs such as The X Factor and Downton Abbey. GoDaddy’s commitment to the UK region is supported by further marketing spends and sponsorship deals, including the broadcast sponsorship of ITV’s UEFA Europa League coverage in 2014.

Based in Scottsdale, Ariz., U.S., GoDaddy is one of the world’s largest providers of Web hosting. GoDaddy operates data center facilities in Europe and Asia. It also has offices in India and Canada, as well as several others in the U.S.

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- Koen Stegeman, Editor-in-Chief and CEO