GoDaddy Launches Cloud Backup Service Powered by Dropmysite

Web hosting provider GoDaddy has just inked a partnership with Dropmysite, a cloud Backup-as-a-Service provider, to provide GoDaddy customers a cloud based backup product that would safeguard small businesses website and databases.

The National Cyber Security Alliance found that 20 percent of small businesses are compromised annually and 60 percent go out of business within six months after the attack while Sophos labs estimates 30,000 websites are hacked every day.

web-hosting-godaddyDropmysite will automatically backup GoDaddy customers’ website daily. The company’s global cloud backup platform would securely use 256-bit military grade Advance Encryption Standards (AES) encryption. If an issue arises, Dropmysite will allow the customer to “easily and quickly” get their website back online with its one click restore which would recreate a website and database within minutes.

Global Data Centers

There are many ways for websites to be compromised that are out of the web host’s control, from poorly secured FTP connections, vulnerable web apps, third-party add-ons and weak passwords. Website owners can also corrupt their own websites by accidentally deleting files or upgrading their content management software.

godaddy-web-hosting“Most GoDaddy customers are small businesses and need their websites to be up and running,” said Jennifer Wehrmaker, Senior director of product marketing for Hosting at GoDaddy. “Having a backup of a website is vital on the Internet today. There are a number of reasons a website could have issues and being able to go back to a previous version is priceless. Dropmysite’s product and global network of data centers enables us to more easily support our growing global customer base.”

GoDaddy has more than 13 million customers worldwide and more than 60 million domain names under management.

“GoDaddy is the world’s largest webhosting company and we are proud to have the opportunity to partner and offer our service to their thirteen million customers,” said Ridley Ruth COO of Dropmysite. “Our service will allow GoDaddy customers to maintain business continuity and allow for efficient stress free disaster recovery in the event that something bad happens.”