GoDaddy Launches GoDaddy GoCentral – Helps People Build An Audience For Their Websites

Cloud and web hosting provider, GoDaddy, a company with more than 14.5 million customers worldwide, has announced the launch of GoDaddy GoCentral, a new service that combines a mobile-optimized website builder with an integrated set of marketing and e-commerce tools – to help anyone create a website audience for their idea or business.

GoCentral enables people to design a professional website in under an hour, even on a mobile phone. With support for more than 1,500 ideas or industries, from plumbers to hairstylists to soccer coaches, users simply type in their name and industry or idea, and GoCentral‘s smart learning system produces a near-complete website, pre-filled with relevant sections and professional images.

GoCentral’s intuitive user interface would help anyone, including technology and design novices, easily customize and update their websites on the go. All websites created on GoCentral are built fully responsive.

godaddy danica patrick“Traditional DIY site builders got it wrong by forcing people to focus their time on tweaking page layout instead of generating results,” said Lauren Antonoff, Senior Vice President and General Manager, GoDaddy. “Many small businesses struggle to attract visitors to their sites, and the little traffic they do get is largely coming from mobile devices. We’re fundamentally changing the approach by creating a mobile friendly experience that lets customers focus on achieving their goals, rather than worry about site designs. GoCentral is unique in that it helps customers get noticed, reach audiences wherever they are, and drive real results, including sales.”

GoDaddy’s smart learning system surfaces insights and actions to GoCentral users to help them achieve their goals. For instance, upon logging in, customers receive engagement and activity updates and key ways to improve results, which might be something as simple as attaching their website to a social network or advice for developing a geographic-targeted Facebook advertising campaign.

GoDaddy’s learning system is powered by smart algorithms and machine learning that evolve with customers throughout their lifecycles to optimize results.

Build an Audience & Sell Online

GoCentral’s integrated marketing features would enable people to quickly improve their search rankings on Google and get their business on Facebook, leveraging the information and photos from their GoCentral website. This same information would help customers jumpstart email marketing campaigns so customers, even those with no email marketing experience, can engage existing contacts and collect new ones.

GoCentral’s Online Store includes everything needed to sell online, with a focus on making sales happen. New improvements would allow customers to check out fast with a streamlined mobile checkout with reduced taps and swipes. Apple Pay support is built directly into the product, as are major credit cards and Paypal. Integrated product and inventory management and customizable shipping would simplify the selling setup experience.

GoCentral’s Super Bowl Debut

GoDaddy will give GoCentral the center stage in this year’s much-anticipated Super Bowl commercial. A special thirty-second TV spot is being created to kick-off a fully integrated GoCentral marketing campaign. The big game commercial plays to the cultural and commercial power of the Internet by way of iconic images and humor. It’s set to air in the first quarter of the Feburary 5th broadcast event which is expected to be viewed by more than 100 million viewers. It’s the first time GoDaddy has used its famed Super Bowl spotlight to feature a new service.

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