GoDaddy Launches Plugin Partner Program to Strengthen WordPress Developer Ecosystem

GoDaddy, one of the world’s largest web hosting providers dedicated to small businesses, has announced the launch of its GoDaddy Plugin Partner Program. The new ‘pilot’ program with WordPress plugin creators is GoDaddy‘s latest contribution to strengthening the WordPress developer ecosystem.

This pilot program is designed to help plugin authors create “world-class” experiences for their plugins on GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress hosting platform. Partners will be featured within GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress product and other GoDaddy properties.

The GoDaddy Plugin Partner Program provides plugin authors access to exclusive support, developer-centric platform tuning assistance and referrals from GoDaddy. Once verified, partners can display the official GoDaddy Plugin Partner Badge and see their WordPress plugins promoted by GoDaddy to its customers via wp-admin integration, a page highlighting plugin partners and the Hot 100, a compilation of the 100 most popular WordPress plugins and themes, if that particular plugin is on it.

wordpress-web-hosting“We’re thrilled to announce our Plugin Partnership Program, the first of its kind to market,” said Jeff King, SVP & GM Hosting, Security, GoDaddy. “Through new relationships fostered by this program, we hope to help authors stand out among the over 40,000 plugins and roughly 10,000 themes in the rapidly growing and expansive ecosystem, raise the bar for WordPress plugins, drive more downloads and delight customers with quality offerings.”

The partner program marks GoDaddy’s latest commitment to the WordPress community. In 2015, GoDaddy sponsored WordCamp US, as well as WordCamp events throughout the year as a “Superb” sponsor in Asia/Pacific, Canada, Europe, Africa, Latin and South America.

The web hosting provider also created over 200 WordPress-oriented educational articles to date on the GoDaddy Garage. Further, GoDaddy continued development and support of open source WordPress plugins including the Plugin PerformanceProfiler (P3), which has been downloaded for free over 100,000 times and is available in the repository.