GoDaddy Launches Program Dedicated to Equipping Entrepreneurs in Low-Income Communities with Training, Tools and Peer Networks

GoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY), one of the world’s largest cloud platform providers dedicated to small, independent ventures, has announced the launch of GoCommunities – a social impact program dedicated to equipping entrepreneurs in low-income communities with training, tools and peer networks to accelerate their ventures.

GoCommunities will kick off in April 2017 with programs in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Phoenix, Arizona, before being rolled out throughout the U.S. and globally in the near future.

“GoCommunities perfectly aligns with GoDaddy’s vision to radically shift the global economy toward small, independent ventures by empowering people to easily start, confidently grow and successfully run their own ventures,” said Blake Irving, CEO of GoDaddy. “Living and working in low-income communities should not preclude entrepreneurs from achieving their dreams. This program will give them the resources they need to be successful and turn their ideas into reality.”

godaddy web hostingGoDaddy will work with local nonprofit partners in each location to provide skill-building experiences, a crew of coaches and a support network so small business owners can develop the courage and confidence to pursue their ventures. GoDaddy has uniquely developed and customized the training and curriculum for each community.

Program participants would also be able to tap into the expertise and energy of GoDaddy’s employees to leverage the power of the Internet and strengthen their online presence through mentorship, web-service workshops and community events.

Cedar Rapids, Phoenix

In Cedar Rapids, GoDaddy will be working with Jane Boyd Community House, a 96-year-old organization committed to supporting under-resourced communities. GoDaddy will work within the Cedar Rapids community to offer program participants – both established and aspiring small-business owners – unique networks of support to expand professional relationships, learn business management skills and explore financial capital options. The program will also address barriers to entrepreneurship, including child-care, transportation and others.

blake irving godaddy
“Living and working in low-income communities should not preclude entrepreneurs from achieving their dreams,” said Blake Irving, CEO of GoDaddy.

“Over the years of helping the Cedar Rapids community, we’ve noticed a significant need to support underserved entrepreneurs, many of whom have trouble locating the resources they need to be successful,” said Dorice Ramsey, Executive Director of Jane Boyd. “We’re looking forward to kicking off this program with GoDaddy to help people turn their ideas into reality and pursue life-fulfilling ventures.”

In Phoenix, GoDaddy partners with LISC Phoenix to work with minority-owned small businesses. The goal is to help these small businesses develop action plans in response to the South Central Avenue light-rail expansion. In the past, light rail construction has been concerning to small business owners who were impacted by the lack of traffic in the area. Similar to the Cedar Rapids program, GoDaddy and LISC will provide one-on-one coaching, assist with business strategy and planning, as well as connecting community members with Phoenix small business owners.

“At LISC, it’s important to us that we support local needs,” said Terry Benelli, Executive Director, LISC. “GoCommunities will be a perfect resource to serve small business owners in Phoenix and ultimately contribute to the greater good of our community. This program connects small business owners with the right knowledge and people to support their growth and success.”

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