GoDaddy Releases Managed WordPress Web Hosting Offering

wordpress-web-hosting-godaddyGoDaddy, one of the world’s largest web hosting providers, is launching a new web hosting platform dedicated to optimizing WordPress, the most popular content-management system on the Internet. Live tomorrow, the new hosting platform provides WordPress web hosting packages including server set up, security, daily backups and performance optimization.

GoDaddy Managed WordPress automatically updates web hosting accounts to the latest version of WordPress and ensures that a website’s plug-ins aren’t vulnerable to security attacks or wasting resources, causing a website to perform poorly. In addition to protecting WordPress, GoDaddy offers layers of added security including firewalls, malware scanning and automated security patching.

The GoDaddy WordPress web hosting platform uses load-balanced servers dedicated to WordPress with multiple cashing layers and highly redundant SSD-backed file and database servers to ensure fast page loads and scalability for traffic spikes. Users interested in transferring WordPress sites to GoDaddy can use a one-click migration tool that has been developed to automatically and simply move all the relevant files.