GoDaddy Sponsors Open Source #OpenJDK Binaries Provider, #AdoptOpenJDK

GoDaddy, one of the world’s largest web hosting and cloud services providers, has announced its support of AdoptOpenJDK – an organization providing prebuilt open source OpenJDK binaries.

AdoptOpenJDK is a community of Java developers, user group members, and vendors who are advocates of OpenJDK, the open source project which forms the basis of the Java programming language. Java, formally launched in January 1996, has been a foundation for much of the commercial Internet and runs many of the services consumers depend upon to browse freely online.

GoDaddy‘s move to the open source version of Java is aligned with the company’s commitment to supporting a free and open Internet. GoDaddy joins AWS, IBM, Microsoft, Slack, and other technology leaders supporting AdoptOpenJDK.

“GoDaddy supports an open access Internet because our 18 million customers depend on the open and equal nature of the Internet to compete with enterprises and corporations with more resources,” said Charles Beadnall, Chief Technology Officer(CTO) of GoDaddy. “With this sponsorship, we’re proud to provide further support for open-source software and our community of entrepreneur customers.”

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Danica’s No. 13 GoDaddy Chevrolet (PRNewsfoto/GoDaddy Inc.)

Free Distributions of OpenJDK

AdoptOpenJDK provides an open and reproducible build & test system for the OpenJDK project across multiple platforms, allowing end users to have a free, reliable source of OpenJDK binaries for all platforms.

“AdoptOpenJDK is delighted to welcome GoDaddy as a Tier-1 Supporter,” said Martijn Verburg, co-founder of AdoptOpenJDK. “With GoDaddy’s infrastructure support and expertise in security, AdoptOpenJDK will continue to fulfill its mission providing technically sound, vendor-neutral, free distributions of OpenJDK for the public good for years to come. GoDaddy has shown that it truly understands the importance of open-source software by supporting communities like AdoptOpenJDK, thereby ensuring long-term continuity for its customers and the broader ecosystem.”

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