Google Cloud Debuts New Subsea Cable Linking Portugal, Bermuda, and US

Google Cloud

Google Cloud has announced the inauguration of Nuvem, a new transatlantic undersea cable system that is planned to link Portugal, Bermuda, and the United States. Nuvem, whose name comes from the Portuguese word for ‘cloud,’ is designed to significantly increase the network’s resilience on both sides of the Atlantic.

This new conduit would offer greater network route variety on transatlantic level. In recent years, the government of Bermuda has been in the forefront of attempts to cultivate a ‘digital Atlantic hub,’ which have included legislative moves targeted at simplifying the process of investing in cable infrastructure. Not only will Nuvem be the recipient of the benefits of these efforts, but it will also be the first cable to link Bermuda with Europe.

According to remarks made by Walter Roban, Deputy Premier of Bermuda and Minister of Home Affairs, “Bermuda’s commitment to the submarine cable market is unshakeable. The installation of the Nuvem cable is a watershed point in our efforts to firmly establish ourselves as a leading player in the digital Atlantic arena.”

David Hart, the Chief Executive Officer of the Bermuda Business Development Agency, echoed his sentiments and emphasized the island’s strategic position, pointing out that it is a great confluence site for underwater cables that connect Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

In the meanwhile, Portugal’s reputation as a center for subsea cables has gained momentum thanks to its strategic location in the southwest of mainland Europe and its continued efforts to strengthen its digital infrastructure. In particular, this is owing to Portugal’s southwesterly position. The Nuvem project capitalizes on this momentum and is an addition to Portugal’s expanding portfolio of subsea projects. This portfolio already includes the recently finished Equiano cable system, which connects Portugal to a number of countries in Africa.

The Portuguese Minister of Infrastructure, Joo Galamba, praised Google’s effort and highlighted Portugal’s goal of becoming a vibrant connectivity center for Europe. Randi Charno Levine, the United States Ambassador to Portugal, was another person who weighed in on the topic. She acknowledged that undersea cables are the linchpins of global communication.

South Carolina

In the United States, Nuvem will establish itself in South Carolina, so contributing to the growing reputation of that state as a center of technological innovation. This action comes on the heels of the recently completed Firmina project, which was another venture using a subsea cable and also anchored in South Carolina. Henry McMaster, the governor of this state, praised this new breakthrough after realizing the possibility that it may have far-reaching economic implications both locally and internationally.

Together with other initiatives such as Firmina and Equiano, the global data routes will be reimagined once Nuvem is fully operational in 2026. This would allow for more connectivity across the continents of North America, South America, Europe, and Africa. This would imply improved capacity, increased stability, and decreased latency for customers of Google Cloud.