Google Cloud Expands Cloud Regions in Italy

Turin Italy
Turin, Italy

Google Cloud has announced the official opening of its new cloud region in Turin, Italy, which joins the recently established Google Cloud region in Milan. The new region will offer sustainable cloud services with data ownership and domicile capability to support Italy’s future development by accelerating the automation of regional businesses, government agencies, and international groups.

The new cloud region would provide Italian companies with quicker access to the worldwide network of Google Cloud technology, as it joins 35 additional Google Cloud regions worldwide.

Google Cloud’s new region in Turin will offer its basic services such as Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Storage, Persistent Disk, CloudSQL, and Cloud Identity, along with critical features like data ownership controls, default encryption, corporate policies, and VPC Service Controls.

The new cloud region’s launch follows an impartial economic effect study by the University of Turin, which found that the Piedmont and Lombardy areas could produce up to €3.3 billion by 2025. This new Google Cloud region in Turin would support Italy’s digital transformation by enhancing security, streamlining business resilience, and improving data protection for businesses and government.

Enrico Bagnasco, Executive Director of Information Systems of Intesa Sanpaolo, said that the new Google Cloud region in Turin will complete the path that will allow the bank to fully exploit the potential of cloud technology and further accelerate the process of digitization of its services. Mr. Bagnasco added that the new region will make it easier for all Italian businesses and the government to utilize the cloud while promoting sustainable development with job advantages and social and fiscal ramifications.

Cloud Sustainability

The new Google Cloud regions in Italy would also help a developing community of technology partners, creating a new market for partners estimated to be worth approximately €1.904 billion over the three-year period from 2023-2025. Elio Schiavo, Chief Enterprise and Innovative Solutions Officer of TIM, noted that the partnership with Google Cloud is essential for the digitalization process of businesses, public administrations, and citizens.

Google Cloud’s zero-trust design to safeguard data, applications, and infrastructure will also be available to clients, along with a shared responsibility paradigm where Google Cloud actively participates in the security results for clients. Google Cloud’s “sustainable” cloud is designed to assist clients in lowering the ecological footprint of their IT systems, offering tools to assess and control supply chain, climate, and material risk.

Google Cloud’s cloud solutions would provide businesses with deeper insights to help spark change and make data-driven decisions, allowing companies to create more quickly in any setting. With Google Cloud’s commitment to multicloud, hybrid cloud, and open source, businesses would be enabled to create unique user experiences.