Google Cloud Unveils Media CDN

Google Cloud 7

Google Cloud has unveiled its Media CDN offering, a platform that puts YouTube’s network at the service of other media outlets and companies. YouTube’s infrastructure allows media and entertainment companies to deliver streaming experiences to viewers anywhere in the world.

Google Cloud’s Media CDN leverages the same infrastructure that Google has built over the past decade to serve YouTube content to more than 2 billion users located in more than 200 countries and 1,300 cities around the world.

Google claims that its Media CDN offering gives viewers more control over their viewing experience and also how they interact with content. For example, sports fans watching a game can access real-time statistics. Custom ad insertions, ecosystem connections, and platform expansion are also supported by Google’s Media CDN, allowing for the creation of more engaging experiences. Streaming companies, for example, can leverage the Video Stitcher API to boost monetization by integrating ad serving.

APIs, Automation Tools

Media CDN users will be able to leverage a variety of APIs and automation tools, as well as pre-aggregated metrics and playback tracing, to monitor performance across the whole infrastructure stack. Integrations with Google Cloud’s operations suite and other observability tools like ElasticSearch and Grafana are also available.

Media CDN is integrated with Google Cloud Armor to benefit from its ‘planetary-scale’ protection against denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and a range of capabilities to detect and mitigate attacks, prevent abuse, manage risk, and meet regulatory and licensing requirements.