Google Establishes Its First African Cloud Region in South Africa

South Africa

Google is establishing a cloud region in South Africa. Google now has 36 cloud regions around the world available. The new cloud region operated by Google Cloud joins cloud regions on the African continent already established by Google’s hyperscale rivals such as AWS and Microsoft Azure, as well as Oracle.

At the same time, Google said that it will construct cloud interconnect facilities in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Nairobi, and Lagos that would be connected to its new Equiano undersea broadband cable. Access to the organization’s South African data center infrastructure will be possible through these interconnect points.

‘Adding 40,000+ Jobs, $2.1+ Bn GDP’

The establishment of Google’s first cloud region on the African continent is part of Google’s $1 billion investment plan for the African continent. The new cloud region in South Africa could result in the creation of more than 40,000 jobs by 2030 while contributing over $2.1 billion (cumulative) to the country’s GDP, according to Google.

Regarding the location of the South African data center infrastructure, Google refuses to comment. Additionally, it did not specify when exactly the new cloud region would start its commercial operations.