Grace Health with Therese Mannheimer and Roman Jasins: GCPPodcast Episode 156

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Happy Thanksgiving! On this episode, Mark and Melanie learn about with co-founders Therese Mannheimer and Roman Jasins.’s goal is to give women control of information about their own bodies, allowing them to make informed healthcare decisions. is a female health companion that lets women track and plan their periods, fertility, and ask questions. It is a global undertaking, hoping to reach not just the tech savvy woman, but all women in all markets worldwide.

Stigmas and taboos around the world portray periods as dirty and contagious, preventing women from being able to work, go to school, or even sleep in the house.’s goal is to educate people to help limit these superstitions and allow women to live fuller lives. With, women know when their periods are coming or when the are ovulating so they can make the proper plans.

In the longterm, hopes to be a tool to not only help women identify any health concerns but also find a healthcare professional and get the treatment necessary.

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Duration: 31:41
Publisher: Google Cloud
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