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Round Table Opinions – Summary.

In the latest findings from our Green IT roundtable, we look at how consumers could be encouraged to buy environmentally friendly products in the following film.

Our panellists this time were Vin Sumner of Clicks and Links, Nick Brown of Eazyfone, Ian Jones of NCC, and Simon Warrick of Historic Futures, as usual the event was hosted by UKFast’s communications director Jonathan Bowers.

Ian Jones, head of research at The National Computing Centre says that when it comes to choosing between products, price is normally the deciding factor. Ian says, “The green part of the decision is only a very small part of any decision at the moment.”

Ian is concerned that the only way to stop selling products which are harmful to the environment may be to limit their availability. Simon Warrick, co-founder of Historic Futures however, feels that providing the consumer with yet more information about the products they are buying could be the answer.

Historic Futures have created an innovative web based system which allows every participant in a supply chain to record the impact that they have upon that product, from raw materials right through to finished products. Simon explains, “Our internet delivered system enables companies to find out more about the things they are buying about their suppliers, particularly beyond tier one.”

Duration: 3:52
Publisher: UKFast
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