GSX Solutions Rolls Out Proactive Performance Monitoring of SQL Server

GSX Solutions, a global provider of non-intrusive, agentless analysis and management of consolidated enterprise collaboration and messaging environments, has announced the release of GSX for SQL Server to help IT administrators ensure continuous and secure operation of servers and databases from multiple locations.

GSX for SQL Server enables IT administrators to monitor and troubleshoot the SQL backend from multiple locations in real-time, as well as monitor the applications that are using it. This continuous, proactive monitoring by GSX includes:

  • End-to-end performance monitoring, including SQL availability and performance, network diagnostics, and front-end applications.
  • SQL server availability, including alerts on critical Windows services and cluster failover.
  • End-user impacts, including CPU & RAM usage, paging, queue length, cache overload, full scans per second, average wait time, and dead locks.

sql serverAll of these metrics are collected by GSX Solutions’ scanning engine to provide a clear view of the status of applications using SQL.

“A lot of enterprises still monitor their SQL environments manually, which is a long and complex effort requiring advanced expertise,” said Antoine Leboyer, CEO of GSX. “Moreover, as the SQL back-end is used by multiple applications, this prevents other teams from understanding the SQL environment’s issues. The GSX real-time dashboard can be shared across multiple teams, measuring performance to detect IT bottlenecks from multiple locations ahead of time.”

As a global provider of proactive, consolidated monitoring and reporting of Unified Communication environments, GSX Solutions’ monitoring solutions support a variety of technology platforms including Microsoft, IBM, BlackBerry, Cisco ESA and SQL Server applications.