Global cloud networking provider GTT has expanded its SD-WAN service offering by adding Fortinet Secure SD-WAN as a technology option. The addition of Fortinet would enhance GTT’s existing managed SD-WAN service offerings for enterprise clients. 

GTT delivers Fortinet Secure SD-WAN as a managed service and supports any last-mile access solution to meet specific client requirements for advanced security, application performance and cost efficiency.

The GTT SD-WAN offering that uses Fortinet technology includes integrated “next-generation” firewall and unified threat management functionality combined with an SD-WAN edge device and router. The GTT SD-WAN service offering with Fortinet is particularly suitable for distributed enterprises and branch networking applications in industries such as retail, quick service restaurants, hospitality and financial services.

“Clients rely on GTT to securely connect their locations across the world and to every GTT logoapplication in the cloud,” said Rick Calder, president and CEO of GTT. “Our broad portfolio of SD-WAN service options, that now includes Fortinet, ensures that clients can run their applications with superior security, performance and reliability to support their business goals.”

“Fortinet Secure SD-WAN allows GTT to build a smart connectivity platform that delivers additional value to customers through security, analytics and cloud-acceleration services,” said John Maddison, SVP of products and CMO, Fortinet. “The combination of GTT’s Tier 1 global IP network and Fortinet Secure SD-WAN enables high-performing and differentiated services for GTT clients worldwide. We’re pleased to partner with GTT to deliver our carrier-grade secure SD-WAN solution to global enterprise organizations.”

IT Security

According to Ovum’s annual ICT survey in 2019, IT security was ranked as one of the top three strategic business priorities among ICT decision-makers.

“By adding Fortinet as another vendor platform, GTT has enhanced and broadened its SD-WAN service to offer enterprises even greater networking agility and integrated security capabilities,” said Mike Sapien, vice president & chief analyst US for enterprise services at Ovum. “The integration of SD-WAN technology with GTT’s Tier 1 IP network offers performance and efficiency advantages when leveraging the core network for internet traffic destined for the cloud.”