Gutenberg Will Bring Us a ‘Drag-and-Drop’ WordPress Editing Experience

The architecture of the WordPress platform is quite user-friendly already, with an extensive number of themes – free to use, or paid for a more professional appearance – and all kinds of options to build your own website and manage content online by yourself. Creating a dream website does take time and a bit more technical knowledge however, even with a platform like WordPress. That’s where Gutenberg comes in.

Gutenberg has been under development for several years already. Until recently, it was just a WordPress feature plugin, but the block-based editing interface will be integrated now in the newest version of the popular CMS and website building system, WordPress version 5.

With Gutenberg, we’re promised to have a WordPress editing experience with easy customization options to fill in the finer details. Gutenberg would make the WordPress platform operate, more or less, like a ‘drag-and-drop’ website builder with movable building blocks. In the WordPress 5 release, Gutenberg will become the default editor. Websites updated to WordPress 5 will be transitioned to the new editor.

TinyMCE has been the default WordPress content editor for many years but soon Gutenberg will replace TinyMCE as the default content editor. If you want to know what Gutenberg will bring us exactly and what the Managed WordPress Hosting community thinks of Gutenberg, take a look at these VIDEOS published on recently:

Bluehost: ‘Looking forward to Gutenberg’

August 7, 2018 – At managed hosting provider Bluehost, a company delivering managed WordPress to its customers, they’re looking forward to the new Gutenberg release through WordPress. This new experience will allow users to get their ideas on to the web faster than ever before, stated Bluehost. Hear from their Product team on what the changes mean for WordPress users. Watch this VIDEO on Gutenberg here.

Liquid Web: ‘Preparing for Gutenberg’

May 30, 2018 – Gutenberg is going to be one of the biggest changes the WordPress community has ever seen, stated managed hosting provider Liquid Web who also has managed WordPress hosting available in its portfolio. Liquid Web is convinced that this update will bring significant changes to the WordPress editor and will change how users, developers, and hosts interact with content. Watch their VIDEO on Gutenberg here.

ZNetLive: ‘Gutenberg – The New WordPress Editor: Know Everything About It’

May 10, 2018 – As a managed (WordPress) hosting provider from India, ZNetLive likes the capabilities of this new editor for WordPress. All the content, images, quotes, videos and more will be inserted into a webpage in the form of blocks. In the following VIDEO, ZNetLive explains what Gutenberg is all about while discussing several of its interesting features. Watch the ZNetLive VIDEO on Gutenberg here.

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