Hack Week | Documentation Templates: Unifying Product Docs Portal Across Teams

Note: The above demonstration was presented as part of an internal Hack Week & reflects potential future features for our enterprise products & open source projects.
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In the software space, it can be hard to align on the details of individual products and/or services, especially if you have multiple development teams working in multiple geos. Ultimately, it becomes unwieldy to collect all the pertinent information required for an accurate documentation portal, which directly affects the end users of your products.

The Mirantis Docs team has a solution. The project will initiate the development of a Center of Excellence for Mirantis product documentation, including easy-to-use templates that aim to standardize the content and structure of product documentation across all product development teams. This will not only to standardize the process of adding or amending documentation within the portal, but also encourage collaboration among the many engineers involved in publishing these highly technical resources.

0:00 – Introducing the Hack
0:18 – The Problem Explained
2:59 – Documentation Template Types
5:29 – Implementation Strategy
6:04 – Demo: How it Works in the Docs Portal
7:19 – What’s Coming Next in the Docs Portal

Duration: 00:08:19
Publisher: Mirantis
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