Hack Week | Mirantis Secure Registry Support Console: Self Service Support

Note: The above demonstration was presented as part of an internal Hack Week & reflects potential future features for our enterprise products & open source projects.
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Mirantis Secure Registry provides a secure container image registry solution so that your entire development team can quickly and safely share container images throughout the organization’s development pipeline. But what happens when your team runs into an issue that requires support?

Enter the Mirantis Secure Registry Support Console, a self-service utility that enables users to collect all pertinent diagnostic data with the click of a button. The Support Console will drastically speed up the troubleshooting process for MSR users and even includes an automatic shut down feature, so that once the issue is resolved, you can save your resources by deactivated the Support Console – also, with just one click of a button.

0:00 – Introducing the Hack
0:07 – The Problem
0:53 – The Solution
1:10 – Support Console UI Tour
2:13 – Demo: Mirantis Secure Registry UI
3:17 – Demo: Launching the Support Console
4:03 – Demo: Support Console UI Tour
4:45 – Demo: Collecting the Support Bundle
6:25 – Demo: Automatic Shut Down
8:07 – Bonus Demo: Applying the Support Console to ANY Kubernetes Workload

Duration: 00:10:53
Publisher: Mirantis
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