Hack Week | Why is my Cluster F***** Up? Mirantis Container Cloud Cluster Error State Collector

Note: The above demonstration was presented as part of an internal Hack Week & reflects potential future features for our enterprise products & open source projects.
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The Mirantis Container Cloud error state collector (aka, CIFU) is a proposed service that would be added directly into the current Container Cloud UI. The service scans all the clusters currently deployed on Container Cloud, searching for any warnings or errors that occur with any resources or any pod logs. This service will automate QA processes for both Dev and Ops teams to answer one specific question: “Why is my cluster f***** up?”

0:00 – Introducing the Hack
0:09 – Main Goal of the Service
0:43 – Capabilities of the Service
1:25 – Value of the Service
1:58 – Demo: Error State Collector
6:02 – Further Improvements to the Service

Duration: 00:06:33
Publisher: Mirantis
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