Hackers: Protecting Your Business Round Table March 2011

Hackers: Protecting Your Business Round Table March 2011.

UKFast invited six security experts to its round table event in March to ask: “Should we be afraid of the hacker?” The debate looked at the profile of today’s hacker, the common targets of hack attacks and the measures businesses can take to protect themselves.

The biggest threat to a firm’s security often comes from within – whether it’s a sales person accessing the client list or programmers dealing with code. How can businesses guard against the internal dangers, what information do they need to protect and is it possible to prevent hack attacks altogether?

Panellists featured: Stuart Coulson, Secarma; Tony Richardson, OCTREE; Dave Whitelegg, ITSecurityExpert Ltd; Neil Lathwood, UKFast; Philippe Jan, Lancaster University; Adam Brown, Quotium Technologies and hosted by Jonathan Bowers for UKFast.

Duration: 5:8
Publisher: UKFast
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