Hacktoberfest 2021: The Big Push

Celebrate open source software, find projects, and start hacking with DigitalOcean experts!

Knock out your 4 PRs/MRs all at once with the help of DigitalOcean! Join the hosts of Cloud Chats and other DigitalOcean experts in a final Big Push to help developers of every skill level complete their pull/merge requests, support the open source community, and earn a reward for their efforts.

– Open source repositories for beginners, intermediates, and advanced
– Common troubleshooting issues + how to solve them
– Let’s do one pull request (PR)/merge request (MR) together
– Discussion | Q&A | Ask us anything!

0:00 Welcome + introductions
7:59 Overcoming the fear of contributing to open source
18:35 deploy, virtual conference for global development teams
19:15 Open source repository resources
29:30 Triage role
34:35 Where to start when the code is huge

36:00 Making a pull request (demo)
38:07 Making a change
43:00 Opening a pull request
47:00 Contributing to documentation via the browser
49:25 Creating a branch
49:59 Source branch location

50:40 Do we have to fork every time?
51:43 What counts as a valid contribution?
52:55 wizard zines, by Julia Evans

59:53 Common troubleshooting issues
1:00:14 Forks vs. main repo
1:05:28 Swag for maintainers’ actions
1:09:22 git fetch and merge (if your branch falls behind)
1:14:29 What makes a repo worth contributing to?
1:16:17 permission to .git denied to username
1:20:02 Do forks from archived repos count for maintainers?

Plugs, Q&A, etc.
1:22:45 Secure backend server: Appwrite.io
1:23:40 Hacktoberfest t-shirts shipments
1:24:15 Maintainer prerequisites?
1:24:49 What does the “matures in 14 days” status mean?
1:25:48 Say no to spam
1:27:51 DevOps + CNCF open source projects
1:28:38 Donate to support open-source projects: https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/giving
1:29:26 Learning github from scratch
1:30:15 Cloud Chats
1:32:35 Hacktoberfest logos + branding: https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/event-organizer-kit/promotingyourevent

Start hacking: https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/

Rizel Scarlett, Junior Developer Advocate, GitHub
Brandon Leckemby, Fullstack Engineer, Appwrite
Chris Sev, Senior Developer Advocate, DigitalOcean
Kim Schlesinger, Developer Advocate, DigitalOcean
Mason Egger, Senior Developer Advocate, DigitalOcean
Matt Cowley, Community Platform Manager, DigitalOcean

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